Online interactive courses for System AdministratorsTraining professionals since 2008 in the European Union

About us

Company data

Name of Training Center: FORS-ITIS Systems Kft
Official headquarters: Hungary, 1091 Budapest, Ulloi ut 121.
Microsoft registered partner number: 2239003
EU tax number: HU25798940

Educational activity

We are providing online interactive and recorded courses for System Administrators since 2008 in the European Union. Our MCT certified trainers are experts on the Microsoft, Linux and Cisco platforms. The school organizes courses to obtain the most sought-after professional diplomas in Europe (MTA, LPIC, CCNA). Provides practice-oriented training in an interactive online format at affordable prices for active and prospective administrators.

Educational tools

Education takes place online. We use Skype for presentations. The instructor explains the theoretical parts in front of the camera directed at the white board. He shows the exercises on a shared screen. In Windows, Azure, and Linux courses, students can use our school’s cloud virtualized servers. In Cisco courses they can use Packet Tracer network simulator. It is also possible to participate non-interactively at a reduced price. The courses are recorded, they can be reviewed by our students at any time and the recordings can also be purchased separately.

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